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A loud-mouthed, opinionated feminist passionate about mental health. Content marketer by day and book nerd by night. Obsessed with food, books, and sleep.

I decided to write an article on my personal experience with procrastination about a month ago. I left it as an idea.

About two weeks ago, I opened up my laptop and started writing an initial draft but abandoned it after a few sentences.

Today, I am determined to stop procrastinating and finally complete this article on procrastination.

Hah! The irony!

Why do I want to write about this so badly, you ask?

Well, ever since lockdown and work from home, I have realized I have become more and more prone to procrastinating. …

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

“You are great at what you do. Your boss loves your work and knows of your potential. Your colleagues think you are talented and amazing at whatever you put your mind to. But at the back of your mind, you can’t stop feeling like you are no good. You constantly think that you don’t know anything, and whatever you have to contribute towards a project or a meeting is stupid and not worth listening to. You don’t ever talk about your work accomplishments and milestones because it makes you feel like a fraud.”

Does this sound familiar? If yes, then…

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to spread, offices and workplaces around the globe started asking their employees to work from home. This has forever changed the perception of work from home for many employees and employers. Some, like Twitter, have announced the option of Work from Home Forever for their employees.

This makes you wonder, what is the future of work? Is the future of work, work from home indeed?

Let’s take a look at the history of work from home. In 2009, IBM, one of the biggest technology companies, had 40% of its 386,000 employees working remotely. …

Momina Asif

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